Don't call me vegan (although I am!)

January 5, 2020

January is the month of Veganuary, so I thought to share my own journey into veganism!



I would like to start saying that I don't like labels, so I think it would be very rare that you'll hear me saying "I'm Vegan!", also I don't like commitments too much and this sounds to me like a big one!

I was vegetarian for many many year, more than a decade, and very rarely I would state "I'm vegetarian" but I would instead start listing the things that I would not eat.

Eating only plants has extended the list of things that I don't eat, so I'm still trying to work my way to avoid using the word "vegan" that scares people so much, including myself!

If in a few month you'll hear me saying "I'm vegan" it's because everything else I've tried to use to explain myself was not working!


Last year I've tried Veganuary and it didn't work for me, I gave up after 3 weeks.

I think it's a great initiative to get people to try plant based food and taste how delicious can be but I believe that, unless people have a real inner motivation, this will stay a trend. If you're doing it, you're loving it and you want to stick to it at the end of January: that's so awesome and I admire you!


For me didn't work this way and if it's not working for you either don't beat yourself too much. This is a really radical change and it needs time, as everything else. Even if this will help you to improve your diet and have a few  more vegan meals per week, that's already a huge achievement!


While doing Veganuary, last year, I was pushing myself too much and couldn't wait for the month to be over and after 3 weeks I get back to my regular diet. BUT, since then I started cooking more and more plant based food at home. Got few cooking books Delicously Ella and Bosh are my favorite ones)  and used recipes that I found on Google and that now I cook on a regular basis, like this one.


Last January for me was the month that started my journey, without me even realizing it!


I've started following on Instagram few vegan activists like James Aspey and Carly Taylor. I've watched lots of documentaries and videos but I would still go back and have cheese on the table almost every day.

I've started baking more and more vegan cakes, trying out recipes, tweaking them and having the most amazing feedback from everyone would eat them, vegans and not.


I've stopped buying cheese from the supermarket and only ordering organicly produced from Farmdrop or at farmer markets.


I've decided that I didn't want to force myself but I was planting the seed to receive the big message that came at the right time, where I was ready for it.


In November, James Aspey posted a video from Earthling Ed called "This is the Truth". This video touched me deep in my heart and I suddenly knew: This is it!


The video talks about the dairy industry in the UK. I've realized that this was the butter and yogurt and the dairies in general that I was buying and no matter what, mummy caw and her baby will be separated and will miss each other like crazy (this happens even in the best of the farms). The video showed me the horrific violence that those animals face every single day and I decided that I wouldn't be part of it anymore.

And I'm not going back, that's for sure!




My business will follow very soon, so stay tuned for lots of delicious and beautiful cakes that don't create any suffering to anyone! Like those:





I wasn't sure if I wanted to write my story, but I thought that if will inspire even just one of you to get more plant based food on your table, it'll be worth!


Sending lots of love to you all and I wish you a fantastic year!





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