The worst thing can a cake disaster!!!

June 19, 2019

Helloooo! I'm back again...I know it took me a while but I'm still finding it hard to balance family with running the business. The blog is something that I really enjoy doing and always end up on the bottom of my To Do List, but every time I come back to it I realize how much I've missed to sit down and just pour some thoughts out to fill this blank space.


Last weekend I had a major disaster in the kitchen or actually in the car!

A friend commissioned a large Peppa Pig cake for her son's second birthday, vegan and refined sugar free! I was super excited about all this... I love baking vegan cakes more and more but the refined sugar free makes it even better because I've managed to create an absolutely delicious cake that people don't believe it's made without a grain of white sugar and completely free from animal products.

I was also very happy to finally make a Peppa Pig's a bit weird to say this now, because before becoming a parent I hated the idea of letting my offspring watching the Pig cartoon but now...ohhhh we love Peppa Pig!!! We can find it both in Italian and Greek which helps Lucas learning our languages (best excuse ever, right?) but also not having Grandparents around to help us, if I want make dinner without being interrupted every 2 minutes, Peppa Pig makes the best babysitter ever! We definitely limit screen time and it's not an every day thing and all the bla bla bla related to it, but a big YEY to Peppa and George!


Coming back to what happened on Saturday...I freshly baked the cake, let it cool down, layered it with the yummy vegan frosting and put it in the fridge for another while to set... then I stuck the 2 tiers on top of each other and popped it back into the fridge while I was working on the decorations!

This is the finished cake, nice hey?


After finishing the cake I've cleaned and decided it was time to go back home and the cake needed to come with me. When leaving, Yannis, my partner gave me a call to ask me to wash the car, as the car wash was on my way home.

I didn't like the idea at all as I knew I didn't left the cake on the fridge long enough to be really set for the car trip, but even less to have a stop to get the car washed! So I started driving with the idea of going straight home and put the cake back into the fridge quickly.

What did I do instead? Last minute decision....I stopped to wash the bloodie car!!!! I've asked the guys how long would it take, they said 15 minutes... I was " mmmm ok, I'll go quickly to Tesco to get few things and be right back but please please please don't do the boot and don't touch the cake box in there is VERY FRAGILE!" I told him in a terrified voice!


I went to Tesco, came back, picked up the car and drove home... but when I took the box from the boot I could feel on my hands that the side on the box wasn't should have been feeling empty but actually something was there...and that could have been only cake!

So I rushed upstairs and open the box to find the cake COMPLETELY destroyed... I wanted to cry so badly but I think the shock didn't allowed me to. It was the first time it ever happened and (hopefully) the last, but seeing all my work crumbled like this broke me inside! I didn't take a picture on the spot because I was too busy being pissed off with myself for being that silly and beating myself up... I've managed to save the top tier and snapped this picture only after Yannis and Lucas decided to feast on the disaster:


I know, right? Terrible! Yannis kept repeating "it's delicious though" and I just wanted to punch him right in the middle of the face (just joking lol!)!

So I sat down with Lucas and had a cuddle with him, got my spirit slightly better and drove back to the kitchen to start all over again!

Baked the cake, made new frosting and packed all the equipment that I needed for my fun night of work from home!

Finally...This is the second version and I like it even more... it has more details and George came in to join the party too:

This was the end of my hectic baking Saturday! 

But this is Kiran that cannot wait to put his fingers into his cake and this release me for the weight of the super double hard work!


So, this is my story for today and I really hope that I don't have any other stories like this to tell but I'll try to be back very soon with more happy tales!






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