Little Brother got married!!!

October 3, 2018

I had in mind to write this page for the last 2 months, since my wonderful little brother got married the 31st of July! Time has past very quick since then but my heart still exploding with joy!

That brother that you always thought...naaaah he'll never get married...he actually did it!!!


He got married with the most beautiful, sweet and strong girl we could wish to welcome in our crazy family and got an intimate dinner in the most picturesque place they could find!


The ceremony and reception was just outside Birmingham, from where Angie is originally from.

My parents landed on London a week before and it was lovely to have them around while all of us was building up an "happy anxiety" for the Big Day approaching!

It was also very handy for me to have help with Lucas as the few days before leaving to Birmingham I had to work on the wedding cake and the wedding favours.


I wanted the cake to be nice and fresh so I've baked the bases the day before leaving ready, to go in the freezer and be defrosted the day before the wedding. I've prepared in advance the Swiss meringue buttercream, lemon cream, baked the cookies for the favors and prepared emergency kits and bit and pieces! Unfortunately there was no way I could bake the cake over there and also I wanted to spend as much quality time with my family as possible as it's a very rare occasion that we meet all together: we leave in London, my brother in Dubai and my parents in Sardina.


Anyway, I spent the evening before the wedding frosting the cake and decorating the favours...although not all could be finished so I had a little work to do in between the ceremony and the dinner... stack the cake and put the flowers on, pack the cookies into bags and place them on the table.


The ceremony was just for close family and we were all vibrant and holding tissues!

Niki (my brother) and Angie were so incredibly beautiful that no word can describe them, but you can see them yourself on those pictures:


We had a little moment during the ceremony while Lucas was crying because...ehm yes he wanted boobies, in that very moment! It was a bit stressful but we managed it somehow and no way I could stick a boob out right there!

Niky said YES, Angie said YES and we all cried and that was it...they were married!!! Tiers of emotions come again just thinking of it...


We then moved to the Moxhull Hall, the stunning reception venue. This place  is a Victorian mansion that have the most gorgeous gardens I ever seen, with fountains and flowers and lots of green around!

Everybody had the welcoming champagne....except me!!! I had the most important task of packing cookies, helped from my fairy Mum and fairy Steve yey!


Then quickly in the kitchen to stack the cake and put the flowers on and this was the finished wedding cake:



Pink champagne cake on top and bottom tiers and lemon in the middle, all frosted with the silkiest lemon Swiss meringue buttercream! Decorated with gorgeous edible flowers from The Flower Deli.


Food was delicious, carefully selected from my brother (which is a super chef!), we got a bit drunk and sung at karaoke and chatted and laughed! Kids were running around happily and we had a incredible day that I will never forget!

(Note how sweet is the picture of my parents head to head, smiling at each other...ohhh my heart!!!)


Now we are just waiting for the next big announcement LOL (yes Niki and Angie this is a subtle message for you two!)


Lots of love!







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