Update from Fairypan HQ!

August 3, 2018

It has been a pretty intense last few months here, that I don't know where to begin!

I think I'll start with the event of the year: Lucas turned 1!!! His birthday was the 9th of April and that day came with full, mind blowing emotions! Our little boy was already ONE... how did that happened? How is it possible that we survived a whole year?? That day I cried of happinness, of love, of releif, of tiredness... it was a roller coaster of feelings but mostly my heart was exploding of love for this smiley and inquisitive human in our lives....how did I live all my life without him? Impossible to thing again my life Before Baby!

On his actual birthday we spent a happy day with my parents that came from Italy and was a very simple happy day! I baked this small cake for us from Henrietta Inman cookbook "Clean Cakes'



Then, we had a big party at The Hackney City Farm on the following Saturday with all our friends...we had lots of food and chats with the kids playing around and enjoying the animals. We ended the day with a massive vegan and refined sugar free cake that everyone loved, adults and kids!


Lucas is 15 months now and he changes every day... he is a really chatty guy and he is walking and climbing everywhere, he loves dancing, he loves food and he loves water! He is the most friendly dude I know and loves begging food from strangers at the park! He is just a joy to have around and he had a contagious laugh.....ohhhh mummy's love!!!


ONE year marks the end of babyhood and the beginning of toddlerhood fase  when the kid is always on the move and attempting his life EVERY MINUTE! I need to have constantly on him and it's pretty exhausting... once I left him for a nano second and when I got back he had a knife in his hands.... where the hell he found a bloodie knife?? I had almost an heart attack just thinking what could have happened and just get tiers on my eyes only remembering this! So I was saying....this stage is exhausting...really really exhausting (but really fun too!!!)! At the end of the day I can barely keep my eyes open and dreaming of shower and bed but i always have to catch up with emails and orders at least.


Little man goes to nursery 3 days a week and I try to squeeze as much as I can in, which is always too much! Luckily we have our super star baker Barbara, which is always on top of things ans always does an amazing job and I'm so grateful to have her on the team!

She is great and this leave space in my mind to focus on the rest!

To be completely honest we had a bit of a ruff period where one of our client left us to buy some cheap cupcakes for £0.50 each, serving their client crap for little while but Hey Ho...and guess what? They came back!!! Which makes me very happy as we serve quality bakes and we don't compromise on this!


Apart from this we are very excited on having our bite-size cupcakes in Eat 17 shops, in Walthamstow and Homerton. They stock 5 different flavours yummmmm! If you are not around those areas, you can always order them here!


Another very exciting news is that since middle of July we have our cupcakes and cakes loaves stocked in all Sourced Market Shops! But for this I'm going to write a post apart because there few things I want to say and this is becoming a bit too long I think and...it's time to go and pick up my sweet dude from nursery!





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