Vegan or not Vegan?

March 8, 2018

As you probably have realized it by now: Vegans are taking over the world!

It's a really exciting time, as more and more delicious vegan options are becoming available with lots of exclusively plant based farmers markets and restaurants popping out, serving a huge variety of delicious food "cruelty free".


I've been vegetarian from more then a decade (eating fish, I have to admit, no more then twice a year when I go to homeland Sardinia) and always been thinking that I would never be able to give up cheese...which is my favorite thing of all! I always bought milk, cheese and eggs from supermarket without bothering too much from where all those product are coming and how they've been produced. Buying the organic range was a good piece of mind for me.... till I've listened to a mind blowing podcast about a month ago.

This podcast (Love, Peace and Veganism) it's been recorded from a yoga teacher and really inspiring woman called Rachel Brathen, which records weekly podcasts in a series called "From the Hearth" (highly recommended listening to her)...anyway in this specific podcast there is a very interesting conversation between Rachel and the vegan activist James Aspey. They talk about veganism in general and also specifically about the dairy industry, which touched me deeply, specially because I'm still breastfeeding my baby. I found myself crying heavily tears listening the way baby cows get taken from their mums straight after birth and how Mama Cow keep looking crazily for her baby for days afterwards. Since then, something on me has changed, and although I can't call myself vegan as I continue to eat and love cheese, I've completely stopped to buy them from the supermarket and instead or buying them from Farmdrop or from farmer markets, or I look out more and more for plant based options. As soon as I started looking around for vegan options a whole new world opened in front of my eyes!

Now we have our morning porrigde made with almond milk and our pasta with a "cheese" I'm making with cashew nuts and nutritional yeast! Although, just a thing I would like to say to the Vegans...can we find another name, instead of call it cheese?! We eat seitan stews and mushroom burgers!

What i'm trying to say is that vegan food can be as delicious as a meaty meal, without need to compromise in flavour and nutritional aspect. In fact, it seems that a vegan diet is a very healthy diet and can help reversing serious illness. Also, it's environmental friendly: all the animal farmed release a huge quantity of gasses in the atmosphere that are as bad as car and airplane's emissions!!!


Would you eat this cake?


 This is vegan AND refined sugar free! It looks incredible and it tastes delish!


How about this one?

 This cake is, again, completely vegan AND refined sugar free...AND can have matching cupcakes! Flowers are edible, win!


Anyway... I don't judge anyone but I think that if all of us we'll start choosing more and more plant based options on our every day meals, the world will be a much better place! It's all about becoming aware and accept the challenge!


Also, for food inspiration look at some Instagram accounts like LittleVeganBlog and her fantastic sweet creations; FatGayVegan if you live in London and want some inspiration of where to find the best vegan food in town; IDontWantSalad and VeganFoodSpot for mouth watering recipes.


If you want a regular cake with butter and cream and eggs we'll still making those (we are trying our best to source dairy ingredients and eggs that are as sustainable as possible) but we also have delicious vegan options which are as good! So why don't give them a try?


I had a very interesting discussion last weekend about vegan food with a dear friend and he told me:

"If you have the same dish, but one is vegan and the other has meat..they are both super yummy, they have similar taste and similar texture.... you'll be an asshole if you don't choose the vegan option!"


Food for thoughts people!






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