Surviving Motherhood!

October 30, 2017

Hello, I'm here again! It's been a while since my last blog post but not because I had nothing to say. Its because life is taking over ... surviving motherhood, trying to keep the business up and running, finding a new family balance with my partner and awesome Dad!


I have to admit, it's been 6 hell of a months in a good and not so good way at the same time! Yes... I'm feeling that true and unconditional Love that only a mum can know and impossible to describe with words, and yes, this came with a whole set of baggage of black circles around my eyes & sleepless nights (still haven't slept more than 3 hours yet) , difficulties, worrying, discussions and low moments along with joyful moments and tiers, the wonderful breastfeeding sessions which I'll treasure forever, hours staring at the little creature that my body created cell after cell and finding difficult to believe my luck of being his mum. I spent lots of time thinking of how unreal all this feels. 



I've spent all the pregnancy feeling well with my + 18kg gained and I've worked up until 3 days before giving birth...unfortunately I couldn't have the home birth that I've planned and dreamed, while ended up taking all the drugs at the hospital along with a bonus emergency C-section...oh well, looking back, I'm now convinced that one can't plan these things to the full, as the baby decides the way he prefers to come and it's most certainly different than what you had in mind at first place.


When I came home one day after with my brand new Baby & Everything (including the pain of a major abdominal surgery that doesn't leave you alone for not even a second), the last thing I wanted to think was work, but then reality hits! To be completely honest the first month I wished I had a normal job and I could have my maternity leave like most mums out there... but no... there were emails to answer, FaceTime with the the other fairies regarding kitchen orders, quotes to prepare and so on... Looking back now, it wasn't anything anything super crazy, just normal day admin, but then... hell yeah, I so didn't want to deal with that!


I was so lucky I had such amazing help from my partner and from the fairies in the kitchen (with Paloma leading the flock, bless bless bless), without them I would have gone nuts! I think I have managed to keep my sanity in place and considering that I'm still having sleepless nights, i am so very grateful that my baby is healthy and happy and this is what matter most!


He is almost 7 months now and his smiles melt my heart every time, me and Yannis haven't killed each other yet, and business is doing I think things are going OK.


This is what happened in my life over the last 7 months, in a few words !


Now we are now approaching the busiest period of the year and my positive inner voice tells me we'll survive and thrive once again!


We are getting ready for our stall in Old Street Station... Yes, after last year's success we'll be back in Old street's roundabout for 4 weeks, making the hipster audience happy once again. We'll be open from the 27th of November till 24th of December, so don't forget to pop by to say hello if you are out and about, and stock on your favorite cupcakes along with other sweet treats!


If you can't wait till then... our online shop is open 24/7!









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