Who else was born last week?

May 24, 2016

Apparently May is the month of birthdays, specially last week... I'm starting wondering if  I was also born in May and not in December!


Our Red Velvet cake is becoming a proper hit, number 1 best seller on our Homebaked profile!


The truth is that our red velvet is very special one, once someone taste it doesn't want any other cakes! The cake is really moist and soft and the cream cheese frosting it's a real killer! Made with original Philadelphia cream cheese, the key is that is not too sweet and that's the reason why people gets addicted to it!


The cakes decorated with our bite-size cupcakes are also becoming quite popular...they are simple but at the same time different and very elegant.


They will also help you to serve a big party having only one cake and having as many bite-size cupcakes as you want! This will solve a major problem...how to serve the dessert for 40 or 80 or 200 people? Easy! You'll still having your cake to blow the candle and then for the rest the cupcakes will do the job: they don't need plate or cutlery to be eaten...only hands and mouths! And they disappear veeeeeeery quickly, leaving the place clean afterwords and your guests very happy!!! Anything better than this?


Hope to speak to YOU soon! Ciao!




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