FairyPan is a bakery founded in 2014 by the talented

and passionate pastry chef, Silvia Stocchino

The name FairyPan was given to Silvia by one of her dearest friends during their studies in Florence back in 2007. Translated literally from from the Italian “fata” (fairy) and “fadella” (pan), it describes a fairy holding a cooking pan instead of a wand. Once one has tried Silvia’s baking, it becomes apparent why she was given such a name.


Silvia's curiosity and passion for baking began when she was 6 years old, observing her grandmother making her “magic” all year round for the large famiglia in their country kitchen in Sardinia. Since then, absolutely any occasion has been an excuse to bake some sort of gorgeous cake, cookie or pastry.


Having graduated in History of Art in Cagliari, Italy, Silvia moved to London, taking a job as a baker with a commercial city pastry vendor. From that point, fuelled with a craving for professional development, she properly embarked on her baking career and was lucky enough to work with such talented pastry chefs and businesswomen as Sarah Crouchman and Lise Madsen, providing her with an excellent working structure for refining her baking skills within a commercial environment.


After this, the time was right to begin her own adventure. As a result, FairyPan was born.


Based in East London and specializing in cupcakes and cakes, FairyPan is a place where taste and creativity work together to create products that please both the eye and the palate. With our edible creations, we want to generate positive experiences that, whilst making us happy making them, make YOU just as happy eating them!